When the Curbside Trashcan Become TRASH

June 2nd, 2019, Ross Miller from the Cumberland River Compact invited volunteers out on the Cumberland River for an afternoon of river clean-up starting at Rock Harbor Marina, Nashville TN. After safety guidelines and some facts about waste in our rivers, we went out on the water. Half the group chose paddle boards and the other kayaks. . We did not know then that when the curbside trashcan become trash many end up in the river.

Since I had never tried it before, I chose the paddle board. The equipment was supplied with T-shirts,  water, gloves, grabbers and mesh bags to store our catch. A flat bottom powerboat was available to pick up tires, large items and our full bags. It was a sunny day with a nice breeze. Back at the Marina 3hrs later we enjoyed a complimentary lunch which was very appreciated.

When done, we were asked if some of us would like to go back out for an hour to recover more of the large trash from the riverbanks. I didn’t miss that opportunity and was able to document some of it.

As you can see it is hard work to dig out tires, metal, trash cans and scrap from the riverbanks.

When the curbside trash can become trash with four volunteers catching their
When the trash can becomes trash in the Cumberland River
The boat has beached. Four volunteers are readying to get off
Arriving at the cleanup area
Volunteers are unloading the boat at the dock
An hour well spent
A pile of tires, trash bins, buckets and bags of trash
An afternoon worth of river cleanup thanks to volunteers and team work
Rivers and creeks salvage

When curbside trashcan become trash we can work together with the Cumberland River Compact to clear our rivers and creeks.

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