Ravenwood Park tree planting Hermitage tn

This Last Wednesday October 23rd Trish and I went to help with the “Ravenwood Park” Tree Planting in Hermitage TN.

Organized by The Cumberland River Compact in cooperation with Nashville Metro Public Works, RootNashville, the participation of Bridgestone volunteers under the supervision of Nashville Tree Foundation Green Shirt Volunteers, we added 80 trees to the 200 + previously planted on the old Ravenwood golf course in Hermitage.

Experienced youth demonstrates planting a 2” diameter tree in burlap

The two most common mistakes are planting too deep and keeping the tree root bound: the roots have grown in a circle around the tree and they will not grow out unless loosen free.

Along the old Ravenwood Park golf cart trail volunteers are busy digging.

Along the path volunteers are busy. The soil is rich and soft from the rain. Planting is easy.

One puts the ground back while the other keeps the tree vertical

Making sure the tree is straight and sturdy.

Two GSV mulching and one GSV straightening a tree.

Fixing mistakes if any. Leaving the park cleaner than we found it.

And last but not least, making sure all trees have been well soaked.

On this Ravenwood Park Tree Planting volunteers are gathering around the water truck for a group photo.

To soak-up the trees a water tank on a pickup truck comes handy. The watering team readying for a group picture.

Planting depth, hole size, mulching instructions.

Planting Guidelines.

Ravenwood Park Tree Planting will continue for years. With 800 acres it could take over 40,000 trees and be a forest again. We and all the Volunteers had a memorable experience and will continue planting trees. All will invite friends and share the opportunity. For upcoming events check your local organization or RootNashville.org