It Stinks In Here!

July 25th, 2019, Ross Miller from the Cumberland River Compact invited volunteers out on the Cumberland River for an afternoon of river clean-up starting at Shelby Park, Nashville TN. We hopped in the van to our drop off on “Mill Creek” at Lebanon Pike Kayak access. After safety guidelines and some facts about waste in our rivers, we went out on the water. We did not expect to find islands of trash on the creek which prompted one of us to shout: "it stinks in here!"

Cumberland River Kayak Co provided the kayaks, paddles and PFDs. Metro Nashville Public Works supplied gloves, grabbers and mesh bags to store our catch. It was hot and humid. It felt good to be on the river.

The water was very high. On Mill Creek River we found three small islands of floating trash, bottles and cans as well as deposits on the banks, and plastic bags in the trees.

As you see on the video, when we reached the Cumberland River we found bigger trash sites, most of which we were not able to cleanup as we ran out of time; we'll do better next time.

These bags of recycling and re-use are not going to the landfill.
Recycling and re-use recovered
“it stinks in here” is now a fun memory, the trash and scraps are ready for the landfill.

Turnip Green a partner in this effort takes the bag of re-use items to their warehouse where the community can acquire them. Metro Nashville Public Works picks up the recycling, the scrap and the trash.

Thanks to our guides from Cumberland Kayak and for the the Cumberland River Compact for organizing this River Cleanup. Even if at times "it stinks in here!"  we love cooling off on the river in summer heat.

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