FitFitWild inspires river and trail cleanup in Nashville area; call it "backyard ecotourism". We can all practice ecotourism literally in our backyard as shown below.

A tire, plastic bottles, soda cans and beer bottles in the creek bed
Mc Gavock Middle School Trail

What was found in the creek along the trail March 18.

Tire, plastic bottles, soda cans and beer bottles removed from the creek bed
After picking up

Much better!

Two empty tar buckets, a plastic plant pot, scrap metal abandoned on the side of the trail
Trash, scrap and recycling

This is what we picked up from the bottom of Mc Gavock Middle School Trail behind the water treatment plan and the Stones River trail head at Heartland Park. Things that make you say "Hmmm..."?

Bottles, cans, cups and jugs washed up the bank by flood water
Trash left on the Stones River bank

April 5th after the river went down at the pedestrian bridge by Heartland Dr a lot of trash was left on the bank. Unfortunately, most of the trash caught at the bridge went down the river when the water level returned to normal.

Stones River Greenway bridge after picking up

Two of us spent over an easy hour picking up torn plastic bags, plastics of all shapes, cans, glass bottles etc... This is one of our retirement hobbies; there is always more than we expect.

Cleaned bank of the Stones River
Two small rubber balls and two bags full of disposed cans of beverage, plastic bottles and glass bottles
Recycling and re-use

Recycling and re-use not including trash.

Earth month cleanup T-shirt
Common sense

All trash become the world's trash: from the road side to the ditch, to the creek, to the river and to the ocean. "Inside the garbage of the world"

Our Nashville TN tap water comes from the Cumberland River. The river water quality directly affects our city water. Keeping our sidewalks, our streets, our trails, our greenways free of trash is crucial. It is literally not hard to use a trash can.

For the health and comfort of our communities Join us in "backyard ecotourism". We cleanup rivers and trails in Nashville or wherever we go.

Things that make us say "Hmmm..."

Plastic and styrofoam are here forever. They keep breaking down into smaller pieces.How is plastic impacting the world? Is there anything done about it? Are there solutions? 'The plastic problem' (54m)

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