One of our first tree planting in Nashville TN was at Ravenwood Park.

Our Approach

after (in site, different area)
after (in site, different area)
A beautiful day planting trees!

March 10 2019, with over 50 volunteers we planted 168 big trees.

The Cumberland River Compact provided over 250 trees and the equipment as part of the Root Nashville campaign.

If you are visiting Music City

check your local tree organizations when you return home.

Make Time

Planting trees is creating lasting, living memories for yourself, your family and friends.

Our Story

Tree Garden Project

The beginning

Preparing tree garden
Preparing The enclosure

Re-used wire fence to protect the trees from deer. Pulled out grass covered top layer.

Digging and Planting in Tree Garden
Digging and Planting

Young trees are easy to plant. Dig deep and wide enough for the roots to stretch. Break down the dirt and mix with compost. 

Young Trees in gutter tubing

With a little help from our awesome friend. Tubing keeps trees safe from weedwackers.


Great exercise and fun. Makes us happy. Don't forget to water. Young Trees need a lot of care in the first year.

Small Trees in Tree Garden three months later

Three months later!


Small Trees in Tree Garden three months later West to East

From the other side


Tree Garden filling up

5-1/2 months later the tree garden is filling up!

Small Trees in Tree Garden 5-1/2  months later, facing West

Facing West. The young trees are now taller than us!

Of all the Nashville TN tree planting we have done this year this is the most successful. Trees enjoy the morning sun and are shaded in the afternoon. NATURE IS AMAZING!!!

There is more

The source of all our products and services is a functioning ecosystem. Our economics only values products and services; whereas the ecosystem is, in fact, more valuable. Without a healthy ecosystem there is no sustainable life. With our knowledge of permaculture, devastated ecosystems such as deserts can be restored.

As shown in 'Regreening the Desert'

'Dare to be wild'

2018 movie (1h40m)
The uplifting true story of Irishwoman Mary Reynold’s. "Gardens these days have nothing to do with the feeling that wild places give us; they are not glowing with life force and atmosphere… let’s throw a life line to the wilderness". Available on Netflix.


NOVA shows the scientific climate change evidence in 'Decoding the weather machine' also on Netflix

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