Of all our volunteering activities, “backyard ecotourism tree planting” is the most rewarding in Nashville TN.

What is backyard ecotourism?

It is volunteering in the area we live for the betterment of the city, the neighborhood, friends and family. When we visit parks, trails, greenways we meet a lot of Nashvillians and visitors enjoying the trees and the outdoor! As we drive around Music-City we see many yards without trees. Do you have a backyard?… Churches, schools, parks have playgrounds and recreation areas. At FitFitWild we value our environment and livelihood by planting trees.

The benefits of trees

  • Trees reduce storm water runoff
  • They decrease the urban heat island effect; they can lower Temperatures by 1-4oF
  • Trees beautify the neighborhood
  • They have neighborhood calming effect
  • Trees reduce noise and dust
  • They provide a wildlife heaven
  • Trees keep buildings cooler in summer and warmer in winter
  • On a large scale they combat climate change

Seedlings and big caliper trees

We have planted seedlings in our tree garden and our backyard. Seedlings require morning sun and afternoon shade in Tennessee. They can be planted in the ground or in pots. We are also volunteering from September to April to plant 1” to 2” caliper trees with local non-profit organizations.

Here is how to plant a bare-root seedling

How to plant a big tree

  • Before digging to plant big trees call 811. Utility companies will mark underground pipes.
  • Follow NES tree planting guidelines.
  • You will need work clothes, gloves, a shovel, a pic, hat, sunscreen, water and snacks.
  • Remove the top grass layer.
  • Dig a hole twice the diameter of the root ball.
  • Measure the depth so the root ball sits 1-2” above ground.
  • If the tree grew in a pot the roots have developed in a circle; they need to be cut. Cut the root ball like a pie. The roots will then grow outward.  
  • Remove the rope tying up the top branches of tree before setting it in the hole
  • Make sure the tree is vertical
  • Breakdown the dirt as you put it back around the root ball
  • To protect from lawn mower, make a ring around the base with the top grass previously removed setting it upside down. Add rocks you dug up to the ring.
  • Add the mulch keeping the trunk clear.
  • And soak root ball and ring with water right away.
Planting depth, hole size, mulching instructions.
Best practice for planting a tree delivered in burlap

Why is tree planting an important focus in Nashville?

Nashville’s urban zone tree canopy, according to the mayor’s office, is below comparable cities across the country. The loss of tree canopy in nashville tn at coucheville pike and Pleasant Hill road construction site is a starch example of the crisis.

Non-profit organizations promoting tree planting in Nashville area

Tree planting season starts in September and ends in March (months with an ‘R’)

The Cumberland River Compact

CRC organizes big tree planting projects such as the Davidson St project in cooperation with Metro Nashville Public Works. Volunteers are guided to plant 1” to 2” caliper trees.

Nashville Tree Foundation

NTF trains volunteers (Green Shirt Volunteers) to lead tree planting activities.

Tennessee Environmental Council

TEC focuses on distributing seedlings throughout Middle Tennessee.

Metro Nashville Public Works

Metro Nashville Public Works administers tree planting on public right of way.

Root Nashville

Root Nashville aims at planting half a million trees by 2050 across Davidson County. Any native tree you plant in Davidson County to reach the goal can be added to the map when it reaches 1” caliper or more.

Root Nashville organizes Neighborhood Planting Captains.

In collaboration with NashvilleHealth, The Nature Conservancy, Nashville Tree Foundation, and Hands on Nashville, Root Nashville is a public-private partnership between Metro Nashville and the Cumberland River Compact.

Nashville Tree Conservation Corps

NTCC offers a tree planting program, through a trusted Metro and Root Nashville vendor. They make discounted trees available to plant in your backyard. This is available from October to March.

They recommend trees that are safe, will produce a large canopy, natives and increase biodiversity.

Green Interchange

organizes tree planting in Tennessee.

No backyard?

If you have no backyard or space to plant a tree and want to participate in restoring the Nashville Tree Canopy you can donate to one of a local non-profit organization to plant a tree. Look for possible location on church property, right of way path, nearby park or even a relative or neighbor’s yard.

Visiting Nashville?

Read our posts and see how fun it is to invest freely in planting trees. Start your own backyard ecotourism tree planting at home.