FitFitWild our number one focus is DHEA health and vitality. The overwhelming majority has not heard of DHEA.

What is DeHydroEpiAndrosterone or DHEA?

Our body knows. Our adrenal glands produce it in large amounts until we reach our mid 20's. We have DHEA receptors on immune cells and in a wide variety of tissues throughout the body. Although it is important to immune functions, brain biochemistry, cardiovascular health and the maintenance of muscle and bone, the production of DHEA decreases rapidly after age 30: see DHEA and death "the DHEA breakthrough" by Stephen Cherniske p21-23 (available on Amazon).

Listen to Susan Hoffman's comment on DHEA.

Chronologic age or biologic age?

We have at least 2 birthdays; solar and lunar. Some of us even have a third; facebook birthday. What is our age?

From birth to now we can calculate our age. Yet at age 60 do I have the energy and the look of a 50 year old or that of a 70 year old?

Our body produces 300 billion new cells every day. However the cells we produce now are not the same quality as the ones we made in our youth. That in part defines our biologic age.

With Univera Xtra or Xperia, cell renewal supplements, we can revitalize our body.

Over 40 why wait?

I have been taking 25mg of DHEA since 2010. I am rebuilding lean muscle mass. Notice; no matter how healthy we eat, we cannot produce more DHEA by ourselves. To get prime levels of DHEA we have to take it as  a supplement. It is affordably available at supplement stores and online. There is DHEA, 7 keto DHEA and my favorite: micronized DHEA

Furthermore with many years of Ageless Xtra or Xperia I have rolled the clock back. Retired now I volunteer with several organizations with plenty of energy left.

From plant to genomic impact

Traditional use information combined with western science and technology enables Univera to produce high quality laboratory grade supplements.

Univera's mission?... "to protect and restore gene function". Take an 8 min tour of the lab.

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Does what we eat every day impact our health?

Think again. Our physical body is bound to physical laws. Food is what fuels our bodies just as gas fuels our cars. If we’d put diesel in a gas engine we’d be in trouble. Eat less meat and dairy and see your health improve. 2011 ‘Forks Over Knives’ (1h36m) details the largest data collected linking health and cultural eating; watch it free on Netflix.
For updates on diets; 'Forks Over Knives' site.

Staying active; living a purposeful life

While our DHEA health and vitality decrease with age we can maintain our health  and  live longer with plant base foods, DHEA and Univera supplements and give back to our community. Volunteering is a great way to stay active and help our family, church, neighborhood.

Recycle, compost, re-use; we cannot live without clean water and clean air.